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Eric De Sena

Eric de Sena



"was written several years ago when the war in Bosnia was going on. It occurred to me to write a song from the perspective of children. I decided that I would juxtapose the situation in Bosnia with the war-like situation in some of the drug-ridden inner cities of the USA.

The first part of the song speaks about the fear and hope of a young girl who is trying to survive in Bosnia - she is with her father and asks "why are people trying to kill us?" and says that she doesn't ask for much in life, perhaps to fall in love and simply grow old.

The second part of the song has a young boy struggling with his mother to survive in South Chicago, dodging the bullets of warring gangs. He's afraid that he'll be lured into one of these gangs where he'd be encouraged to hate and to kill. He wishes he could "find a way out of here."

The song was written with an acoustic guitar, but on the demo the piano and violin play a strong role.

Eric De Sena



Eric de Sena is a professional archaeologist living and working in Rome.

Eric started playing music as an adolescent and wrote his first songs soon thereafter. He is a rock musician his main influences are the Beatles, the Who, Yes, Rush, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. But he also loves classical music and jazz - among the latter Pat Matheny and Al Di Meola. He has played in several bands as lead singer and rhythm guitarist or lead singer and bass guitarist. He has worked in the studio, recording a selection of songs.




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