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Gertrud, Dirk & Juergen

One of our African friends, Jean Mastaki Bafa reports that the Nigerian media and also the Ministry of Culture and Human Rights are following the developments with great interest.

[19th April] Je viens detre recu par le ministre des droits humains qui va organiser une presentation a la nation du laureat qe je suis et mammenera pour etre recu par le president de la republique.cest un honneur pour moi detre un drs laureat de ASONG FOR PEACE IN THE WORLD.Ma nation est entrain de se mobiliser pour me soutenir au concert final a ROME. Jean Bafa Mastaki

[Beyond his regular contacts with the media in country,] Jean has been responding to the increased media interest in "A Song For Peace". In April he was been interviewed by 2 private channels: tropicana t.v., télé kin Malebo (T.K.M). Today, i.e. on Friday he will be on Radio OKAPI à 12h°° (la radio de la Monuc), and at tropicana T.V. again for recordings.

>>>>> click here to learn everything about our representation at the WORLD MUSIC EXPO, ESSEN, GERMANY, 24-27 OCTOBER.

>>>>> Juergen's visit to Bari shortly.


check continued forum mail exchange on final concert

Our friend from Cyprus, Adamos Katsantonis reports:

[19th April] On the 5th of coming June, I will present officially my new CD "Homeland cannot be divided" at Hilton Hotel in Nicosia. Finally, the CD will be officially presented by the president of the Cyprus parliament.

This CD is sponsored by the USA Embassy in Cyprus. The press conference is sponsored by the insurance company >>> ALICO AIG LIFE.

Adamos returned from Korea in April with another GOLD AWARD. On that occasion he presented our forum and the contest: In March he wrote:

Since I was informed that I was selected for the "Major concert", I have done a lot of promotion through the Cyprus multi media. This April I will go to Korea for concerts where I will organize a press conference and promote our forum among all the other foreign artists.

One of our jury members, Tran Quang Hai has sent me the following email:

Dear Friends,

I have the pleasure to announce ... that Mr. Jacques Chirac, President of the Republic of France has decided to nominate me at the grade of Chevalier dans l'ordre National de la Legion d'Honneur (Knight in the National Order of Legion of Honour) the highest medal of French Distinctions to reward the multiple talent of the one who,at the same time researcher and musician, ethnomusicologist and composer, teacher,singer and imitator, knows how to combine study and music , East and West, vietnamese traditions and contemporary music in the very original way .
HOping that all my friends will share with me this happy moment and exceptional event in my life. Thank you in advance.

Tran Quang Hai

I have sent him congratulations in the name of the forum expressing that we participate in his honour, feeling proud to have been selected by him.

We should have a look (Italian: DARIO UN' OCCHIO) at Dario Schepisis new website, with a special section "A Song for Peace"




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